President Trump Throws Democrat ‘Holy Grail’ Into Dumpster Fire – Sends Congress Into Tailspin

President Trump Throws Democrat ‘Holy Grail’ Into Dumpster Fire – Sends Congress Into Tailspin

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Democrats crossed Donald’s flaming red line – so he threw it right in.

Democrats went way too far trying to take Trump down—and now Trump has had enough.

The Mueller probe when on for two years—YEARS—but Trump never used executive privilege to stop him (he had every right to if he wanted).

Mueller got nothing, so Democrats want to restart new investigations on the Mueller probe and Trump’s finances.

They even tried to bully Trump’s former White House lawyer. So Donald is drawing a flaming red line in the sand.

From ABC News:

The White House has instructed former White House counsel Donald McGahn not to comply with a subpoena from House Democrats for documents related to special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, according to a letter sent Tuesday from White House counsel Pat Cipollone to McGahn’s attorney William Burck.

BOOM. Donald just picked up the Mueller ‘holy grail’ and threw it into a raging dumpster fire.

This one is really going to hurt the Left. They tried to subpoena White House lawyer Donald McGahn, but Trump has put a stop to that.

Democrats will rant and rave over this, but they have zero, ZERO right to demand privileged information from a lawyer about his client.

Michael Cohen may have rolled over to save his skin, but no self-respecting lawyer will do the same.

The Left is just fishing for a speck of dirt to hit Trump with. They know they have no chance of winning 2020—they’ve admitted it!

Their only chance is to find an excuse for impeachment to beat him. Talk about playing dirty.

Trump has put up with their schemes long enough to prove his innocence. Now, they are only wasting our time and money—just over politics.

Sorry, Democratss, but your time is up. Trump will not let you spend your days trying to take down his administration.

Maybe you should, like, try to actually help the American people instead.

Seriously, you guys look worse than Nixon. And that’s hard to do!

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Source: ABC News


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